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"A good host is a superstar on stage or screen.

A great host makes sure everyone else is the superstar!"

Hosting & Emceeing is an art.  It's more than just putting someone with stage presence in front of your guests. It takes someone who can understands how you want your event to be remembered while keeping the engery & making all those around them feel capable & confident!

“To impress a room full of event planners hosting an award show is not easy, you did just that and more!

-Kerry Smith

Event Marketer Magazine 

Whether it's live or on screen, Daniel Martin & his team understand the nuances of

keeping your program moving in the most engaging & entertaining way all while making

your key people look like superstars & you like a hero.   

Daniel will have your audience wanting more, ensuring that your program flows seamlessly, effortlessly, in a creative way blending the takeaways of your event into a bespoke experience. 

Tricks & Travels-Grand Rapids
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