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People Retain More & are Engaged 80% more when they connect with something visually impressive & entertaining! 

Speakers talk at your people, Keynote Performer Daniel Martin excites, ignites & entertains your attendees with your key takeaways that will leave an indelible impression on them for years to come.

Having wowed & commanded the room for millions of people live, Daniel Martin knows how to

ENGAGE in exciting & impactful ways ensuring a lasting impression.




There’s a reason the top companies & brands in the world make their marketing fun & engaging,

because it clarifies their message to resonate with their audience. 


When Daniel Martin delivers his Keynote Performance for you, your guests are simply amazed & having a great time! This is why corporate audiences will hang on every word of his talk & your key takeaways.

It’s not how long a talk is or how many words are said, it matters what is said & making sure it connects!

Keynote Performance Reel
TEDx-"Life's Biggest Trick".

Daniel's  80/20 RULE:

80% Bespoke Performance

20% Impactful Keynote.

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